Masters has entered this year’s A League VBSA Pennant. The team, captained by James Mifsud, has a good chance to reach the finals, if not win the league. 

The in-house A & B 2010 Autumn Leagues have started again and it’s looking like it’s going to be another excellent season. Trophy Presentation night was Saturday 20th January 2010 and 16 trophies were presented to last season’s winners, runners-up, highest breaks, and league stage winners.  

The Masters Classic Snooker Competition has not missed a season since 1992. B Grade is played on Tuesdays while the A Graders' day is Thursday. The following are the winners and runners up since 2005  

 Season                                                      Winner                             Runner-Up 

2005 Autumn A Grade                      Doug Leitch                      Phillip Vassallo 

2005 Autumn B Grade                      Deano Virgano                  Simon Tuchinsky 

2005 Spring A Grade                        Doug Leitch                      Cameron Foden

2005 Spring B Grade                        Geoff McNally                   Phil Duncanson


2006 Autumn A Grade                      Darren Cunningham           Cameron Foden

2006 Autumn B Grade                      Adam Kulk                       Jean-Noel Li

2006 Spring A Grade                        Chris Ridder                      Doug Leitch

2006 Spring B Grade                        Deryl Adams                     Adam Kulk


2007 Autumn A Grade                      David Timmis                    Doug Leitch

2007 Autumn B Grade                      Shane Kovacic                  Ian Smith

2007 Spring A Grade                        Ian Smith                          Doug Leitch

2007 Spring B Grade                        Chris McKenna                 Saahil Bhojwani


2008 Autumn A Grade                      Shane Kovacic                  David Timmis

2008 Autumn B Grade                      Chris McKenna                 Andrew Backay

2008 Spring A Grade                        Paul Chapman                  Shane Kovacic

2008 Spring B Grade                        Tommy Boyle                   Chris McKenna


2009 Autumn A Grade                      Brock Hodgson                 Paul Chapman

2009 Autumn B Grade                      Chris McKenna                 Tommy Boyle

2009 Spring A Grade                        Amit D’Cruz                      Brock Hodgson

2009 Spring B Grade                        Awatia Davey                    Tommy Boyle