Tables and Equipment

  • 5 full-size snooker tables
  • 3 3/4 size tables (9' x 4.5')
  • 3 pub-sized tables (7' x 3.5')

All tables are beautifully crafted and superbly maintained, built with Italian slate, massive turned legs, polished brass fittings and premium quality felt.

All tables at Masters are 100% level and true. A simple and effective method for levelling a table was devised by Aziz, owner of Masters Billiards, in April 2007:

  • After brushing the table, place a clean small glass pane (around 30cm x 30cm, ideally with rounded edges to avoid damaging cloth) on the table near a corner
  • Place a clean polished billiards ball in the centre of the pane. The direction the ball rolls indicates the lower side. Raise or lower the legs accordingly.
  • Repeat for each corner of the table and at the table legs.
  • Once the table is level, leave to settle for a few weeks before testing again for final adjustments.


Bar and Table Service

Masters Billiards has a well-stocked fully licensed bar in the entrance hall. Patrons can be served at the bar or, just like room service in a 5-star hotel, they can order via phone from the convenience of their table. Their drinks are promptly bussed to them and their game is never interrupted.



The digital quality music played at Masters Billiards is an important ingredient in its pleasant, relaxed ambience. Sound is evenly distributed via a multi-channel theatre surround-sound system. Every other table has its own dedicated speakers with independent volume, base, and treble controls that players can adjust to their preference.